I signed up and paid with Alipay and my account is locked for payment failure

Please Note: As of July 2019, we no longer accept Alipay payments. We encourage you to now sign up now using UnionPay.

Click here if you need help renewing your account with Alipay.

Occasionally payments made with Alipay may be delayed several hours. If you sign up and pay with Alipay and then notice your account is locked for a payment failure, this may be the cause.

Payment failures may occur due to a time out and a failing of the transfer of the funds or premature abandonment in the payment process. In order to see if funds were actually sent, you will need to look at the receipt of the transaction on the Alipay website.

1. Login to your AliPay account at AliPay's website using a desktop machine (mobile will not work)
2. Access your recent transactions
3. Locate the transaction made to Golden Frog
4. Click the drop-down menu to the right
5. Click Order Details

If a payment was successfully sent, you will see a value for Payment time:


If there was a time out or other issue, you will not see a value for Payment time:


In the event you do not see anything listed for payment time on the transaction, that means no funds were sent. You will need to log into your account control panel and pay your outstanding invoice in order to unlock your account. Click here if you need help with invoice payment.

If you do see a timestamp listed for payment time, that means there has been a delay in receiving the payment on our end. If it has been less than 4 hours, please wait up to 4 hours for the payment to process. While rare, it may take longer than 4 hours in some cases. If it has been longer, please contact support and provide a screenshot of the transaction receipt showing the payment time so we can assist you with unlocking your account.


Last reviewed/updated July 2019

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