Why am I receiving a notification asking to allow VyprVPN to use my device's location on Android 10?

When the VyprVPN app is running on Android 10, you may receive a notification requesting location access which says, "Allow VyprVPN to access the device's location?". This notification dialog allows you to grant location access only while using VyprVPN or all the time.

These are Android-specific permissions, ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION is now required in Android OS 10+ due to a new operating system limitation that does not allow the app to view available SSID's. VyprVPN does not collect, in any way, users' GPS location data. We will continue looking for ways to offer better VPN functionality while limiting Android permissions.

To allow VyprVPN and all of its features to work properly, please select either:

  • Allow all the time or
  • Allow only while the app is in use

If you select "Deny", VyprVPN and its features will not work as intended. This affects VyprVPN's Public Wi-Fi Protection, rendering it unusable if this permission is not explicitly allowed by the user.

If you need any further assistance, please contact support.


Last reviewed/updated March 2020

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